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The Pine Tree ....part Two

The Pine Tree by Hans Christian Andersen
A story in Five parts.... part Two

When Christmas came, quite young trees were cut down; trees which were not even so large or of the same age as this Pine Tree, who had no rest or peace, but always wanted to be off. These young trees, and they were always the finest looking, always kept their branches; they were laid on carts, and the horses drew them out of the wood.

"Where are they going to?" asked the Pine Tree. "They are not taller than I; there was one, indeed, that was much shorter;—and why do they keep all their branches? Where are they carrying them to?"

"We know! we know!" chirped the Sparrows. "We have peeped in at the windows down there in the town. We know where they are carrying them to. Oh, they are going to where it is as bright and splendid as you can think! We peeped through the windows, and saw them planted in the middle of the warm room, and dressed with the most splendid things,—with gilded apples, with gingerbread, with toys and many hundred lights!"

"And then?" asked the Pine Tree, and he trembled in every bough. "And then? What happens then?"

"We did not see anything more: it beat everything!"

"I wonder if I am to sparkle like that!" cried the Tree, rejoicing. "That is still better than to go over the sea! How I do suffer for very longing! Were Christmas but come! I am now tall, and stretch out like the others that were carried off last year! Oh, if I were already on the cart! I wish I were in the warm room with all the splendor and brightness. And then? Yes; then will come something better, something still grander, or why should they dress me out so? There must come something better, something still grander,—but what? Oh, how I long, how I suffer! I do not know myself what is the matter with me!"

"Rejoice in us!" said the Air and the Sunlight; "rejoice in thy fresh youth out here in the open air!"

But the Tree did not rejoice at all; he grew and grew; and he stood there in all his greenery; rich green was he winter and summer. People that saw him said, "That's a fine tree!" and toward Christmas he was the first that was cut down. The axe struck deep into the very pith; the Tree fell to the earth with a sigh: he felt a pang—it was like a swoon; he could not think of happiness, for he was sad at being parted from his home, from the place where he had sprung up. He well knew that he should never see his dear old comrades, the little bushes and flowers around him, any more; perhaps not even the birds! The setting off was not at all pleasant.

The Tree only came to himself when he was unloaded in a courtyard with other trees, and heard a man say, "That one is splendid! we don't want the others."

 Then two servants came in rich livery and carried the Pine Tree into a large and splendid room. Portraits were hanging on the walls, and near the white porcelain stove stood two large Chinese vases with lions on the covers. There, too, were large easy-chairs, silken sofas, large tables full of picture-books, and full of toys worth a hundred times a hundred dollars—at least so the children said.

And the Pine Tree was stuck upright in a cask filled with sand: but no one could see that it was a cask, for green cloth was hung all around it, and it stood on a gayly colored carpet.

Oh, how the Tree quivered! What was to happen? The servants, as well as the young ladies, dressed it.
 On one branch there hung little nets cut out of colored paper; each net was filled with sugar-plums; gilded apples and walnuts hung as though they grew tightly there, and more than a hundred little red, blue, and white tapers were stuck fast into the branches.

Dolls that looked for all the world like men—the Tree had never seen such things before—fluttered among the leaves, and at the very top a large star of gold tinsel was fixed.

It was really splendid—splendid beyond telling.

"This evening!" said they all; "how it will shine this evening!"

"Oh," thought the Tree, "if it were only evening! If the tapers were but lighted! And then I wonder what will happen! I wonder if the other trees from the forest will come to look at me! I wonder if the sparrows will beat against the window-panes! I wonder if I shall take root here, and stand dressed so winter and summer!"

Aye, aye, much he knew about the matter! but he had a real back-ache for sheer longing, and a back-ache with trees is the same thing as a head-ache with us.

 ******************* part 3 tomorrow****************************

I decided that we needed at least one edible tree per post. Today's yummy tree is a gumdrop tree. You can find them all over the web and at my favorite place Pinterest. This tutorial is from Bella Dia.

The next 5 trees all have one thing in common, well 2 if you count them being trees, they are all made with yarn! I love yarn! If you could see my stash, you would know I'm not exaggerating.

This Yarn Wrapped Tree Ornament is from Fantastic Fun and Learning and has a really good tutorial.

 I love these Pompom Yarn Trees from MomAdvice .com
The kids will have fun making the pompoms. I can definitely see these trees made of bright multicolored pompoms! The crafter used a hot glue gun which I generally  will not use with young children although you can get a low temp one or the adult can put on the glue.

These Yarn Trees from KiwiCrate .com are definitely for the child that likes to get messy. The yarn is soaked in glue and then wrapped around the styrofoam cone. The tutorial has plenty of pictures.

 I think I like these trees because they are so colorful!! I could see keeping them around the house after the holidays.  The crafter actually calls them Fanciful Scrappy Trees. I found them at Gingerbread Snowflakes .com (don't you just love that name?) They're made using one of my fave crafting solutions...Mod Podge! That stuff is wonderful and wonderous! Like most of these trees all the kids have to do is wrap the yarn around the form. This tutorial has lots of pics.
I added this last tree because it looked more traditional and because I thought the little felt ball ornaments were a nice touch. I found these trees at A Million Little Things .com  The crafter uses hot glue to secure the yarn and adds a nice little wood cut star at the top. Unfortunately, there are not pictures of the process.

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